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Pat and Stu 2/13/17 - Hour 1

February 13, 201749 min
-It turns out that Hezbollah loves the idea of Donald Trump being America’s president! The Lebanese group, which is considered a terrorist organization by the West, claimed that “The world will benefit” from Trump’s presence in the White House and that their group is much stronger and should not be concerned with threats from the West. Pat, Stu, and Jeff agree that, if you want Trump to leave you alone, you probably shouldn't tweet at him.

-New polls show that the divide is very wide between people who believe the news media is truthful and people who believe the Trump Administration is truthful. Very high percentages of Democrats believe Trump and his people are dishonest, while high percentages of Republicans are inclined to believe what the White House is saying.
How do you bridge that gulf of distrust?

-White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer had an absolutely brutal interview with Breitbart News. The guys have a good laugh at his expense.

-What impact does Trump's executive order on immigration really have? It’s not that radical, not even close to what Trump referenced during the campaign, and a few months of pause is completely in line with making adjustments to the vetting process. The only major question left is, will it be just a pause? The Left claims it is not, but if it is, then, according to Stu, everyone is going crazy over a giant NOTHING burger!

-People are continuing to say mean things about Meryl Streep. She responded by saying that she is the most “overrated, decorated, and berated" woman in Hollywood. Stu goes off about the kind of movies she routinely appears in, and questions why we Americans love them so much.

-Saturday Night Live has taken to mocking Kellyanne Conway with a parody of Fatal Attraction. Was it funny or in poor taste? Pat and Stu question who the program would have to mock if the liberals were in power?

-Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids have reportedly arrested hundreds of illegal immigrants who have committed major crimes. The guys are unsure which reports are accurate in regards to whether most of those arrested were felons or if all of them were felons. In short, this is not the first time such action has been taken. Stu is extremely frustrated that not every story contains every fact.

-Pat, Stu, and Jeffy discuss the Yale Whiffenpoofs, a massive mens capella choir from the Ivy League university. Despite boasting over 1500 members, the group adds only a handful of members each year. And while they do allow women to audition, they are not allowed to join. This begs the question...could Jeffy join if he was simply feeling like a woman?

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