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Pat And Stu 2/16/17- Hour 2

February 16, 201746 min
Segments 1 and 2 are President Donald Trump announces Alexander Acosta as his nominee for Secretary of Labor.

Segment 3:
Pat about "Netflix cheating" and how it is becoming a huge epidemic in America now.

Is it ok for a Spouse or significant other to watch the next episode in the series or movies that both people want to see?

Stu and Jeffy explains how Jeff has watched more movies and shows than anyone on the planet.

Jeff also admits to having to watch an episode or a movie after already seeing it so his wife will be happy.

Jeffy says have a back-up show so you have something to binge watch in order to not commit Netflix infidelity.

Stu talks about “My 600lbs life” and how the woman on that show watches less tv shows than Jeffy has.

Top cheating temptations for Netflix: American Horror Story, Walking Dead, House of Cards, Black Mirror, Orange is the New Black, Narcos, Stranger Things, and Breaking Bad.

12% of people in 2013 said they watched a show Netflix without their significant other. Now it has risen to 46% of couples

Law & order: SVU has been on for 17 years and 400 episodes


They guys try a new flavor of Pringles that isn't exactly a potato chip.
It is actually a chip made from vegetables.

It looks weird and does not taste that great. They don't give a nice review for it.

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