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Pat and Stu 2/20/17 - Hour 1

February 20, 201747 min
-Pat and Stu are here to tell you why everyone is moving to Texas! It's all part of God's Plan!

-Stu does not want to talk about Milo Yiannopoulos. It is as simple as that. Is it wrong to not care about someone? When it seems like Breitbart is running the media, it really starts to beg the question. Will the ultra-conservative senior editor of Breitbart News keep his place as keynote speaker for CPAC? The guys ponder the possibilities.

-It's President's Day, so Pat and Stu break out C-SPAN's latest rankings of all the American Presidents and immediately start tearing into some of the decisions. Barack Obama was slotted in at #12, while George W. Bush is all the way down at #33. Where will your political idols fall? And who could be at the very top? Here's a hint: you will not be surprised.

-Should your doctor be able to ask you if you own a gun? A recent court ruling determined that being asked this question does not impede your Second Amendment rights. The guys weigh in on this, and Pat and Stu are ultra-curious about what Jeffy might have to hide.

-When robots take over every single workplace, will us humans require some form of universal base pay from our respective governments? Elon Musk thinks so, but Pat and Stu are unsure to say the least.

-A group of students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have demanded that African-American students be given free college tuition and housing. The guys dissect this opinion and Stu tells a fascinating story of how race contributed to a major test-taking strategy he utilized while taking the ACT.

-Star Wars fans: the latest film's title "The Last Jedi" involves the plural form of the word! They are referring to more than one Jedi! Who could be included in such a statement?

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