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Pat and Stu 2/21/17 - Hour 2

February 21, 201747 min
-Venezuela has reached a point where over 90 percent of its citizens have lost an average of about 20 pounds due to food shortages and soaring prices. As if we needed any more proof that socialism is bad.

-Pat discusses his son's two years in Finland and reminds us that life there isn't without its shortfalls. While the Finnish people are great, according to Pat's son, they have not been very receptive to the recent surge of immigrants entering their previously homogeneous society.

-Why do we allow grocery stores to charge us a ton of money for pre-sliced produce? We save a minute of labor, yet pay several dollars more for an already-prepared tub of bananas and strawberries. Why do we keep doing this? The guys tell you what you've probably known all along.

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