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Pat and Stu 2/2/17 Hour 2

February 2, 201745 min
Stu explains why he left last week and now he gets to eat the pies that he likes. The guys continue to discuss the Super Bowl. Stu talks about his time at the Super Bowl Breakfast. Jeff says that Stu should have kept the season tickets to the Eagles to sell to people who want them and also to have them in case Stu wants to go to a game in Philadelphia. Stu talks about the Super Bowl ticket prices. Stu is still mad that Jeff went to superbowl in Tampa and tells story about how he had trouble getting tickets to the Super Bowl in Tampa, Florida.

Dumbest Super Bowl questions of all time asked by reporters.
Marshawn Lynch’s way to not be fined for missing media days
Stu hates the way Chip Kelly is to the media.

Stu gets to have the pies he missed last week

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