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Pat and Stu 2/22/17 - Hour 1

February 22, 201747 min
-Pat and Stu ponder Donald Trump’s inaction on immigration policies enacted by the Obama Administration. Why didn’t Trump take action on day one in office after running a campaign focused on enforcing immigration laws that had been ignored? Has he gone back to his democratic roots and gone down the path of “comprehensive immigration reform”? Pat explains that such reform undoubtedly means amnesty to illegal immigrants. Simply put, we need to allow “dreamers” to enter this country legally WITHOUT just ignoring the issue that millions of people have crossed our borders illegally.

-New York police are on the hunt for four activists who mounted a “Refugees Welcome” banner on the Statue of Liberty. The only lead they reportedly have is that one of the four is named “David”. So, if you know a “David” living in the Tri-State area, call NYPD now! (Actually, please do not do that.)

-Venezuela has continued to plummet into chaos as its socialist policies have led to its starving citizens taking on a “Maduro” diet and eating flamingos to stay alive. The guys wonder if the birds taste like cotton candy… In all seriousness though, 82 percent of Venezuelans live below the poverty line, so we can pretty clearly discern that things have only gotten worse since the death of Hugo Chavez.

-The Trump Administration has announced that they will lift federal transgender bathroom guidelines. Exactly what this means is still uncertain, but Pat and Stu agree that it is probably good news for conservatives who either champion the states’ right to choose or a policy of “the gender of your junk” (Stu’s exact words). We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, this issue is all about privacy and respect, which we should already have plenty of.

-A constitutional amendment guaranteeing each person a private bathroom? We’ve got unanimous support here in the studio!

-President Trump is a very well-spoken man… sort of… Okay, maybe he isn’t. While visiting the new African-American History Museum in Washington, the President allegedly looked upon a slave auction block from Maryland and was quoted as saying, “Boy, that is just not good. That is not good.” On a pair of shackles, he supposedly remarked, “Boy, that is really bad. That is really bad.” Well, he’s not wrong. But that’s your President, boys and girls!

-In Pat and Stu’s lifetimes, there has been one Republican president who was well spoken: Reagan. Meanwhile, the Democrats have had Clinton and Obama, both excellent communicators. However, they also had Anthony Weiner, who was way too good at communicating…

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