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Pat and Stu 2/23/17- Hour 1

February 23, 201746 min
This morning we sadly learned that Fox News political commentator and former Hannity and Colmes co-host, Alan Colmes, has passed away. He was 66 years old. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.
Stu brings up Ellen Degeneres' statement on the latest White House statement on transgender bathroom rules and explains how he would like it to be a state matter rather than a federal issue. Pat wonders why only the feelings of the transgender individual matter during this time and how everyone else is practically excluded from the debate. They bring up how Barack Obama only issued his executive order on the issue during his last year in office and how he threatened to take away federal funding to schools that would not allow transgender children to use the bathroom that corresponds with their chosen gender identity.

Democratic Representative Keith Ellison stated that President Trump should have been impeached since the first day of his presidency, even though he has not done anything bad.
Stu talks about Keith Ellison’s tweet about President Trump being anti-Semitic and how Ellison should not say things like that.

Stu says that the 100 protesters refused to leave the Dakota Access Pipeline and how most of the protesters destroyed the land they camped in.
Is the protest really about the pipeline or just a chance to protest for no reason?
The guys wonder how big are the spills from these pipelines? Surprisingly they're not really that big actually but there’s some that are big and those are the ones that news will be on it quickly like what happened with the BP Oil Spill in April of 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico and how it impacted the region. Pat mentions that there’s oil spill everyday on the ocean floor that happen naturally.
Pat is getting his own show and Stu wants to know when it’s going to happen

We have an update on the balloon currently floating on the high ceiling in Stu's house. Having floated upward during last month's baby shower for Stu's sister-in-law, it has now been up there for 34 days straight. Simply put, it doesn't look like it's coming down anytime soon. Stu talks about the day he got the balloon and how the store attendant said to a woman that a balloon she purchased will not last even one day... we beg to differ.

The guys talk about how astronomers have discovered seven new planets orbiting a distant star. These planets range in size from that of Mercury to that of Earth. Pat makes a mistake on which telescopes are used for such findings, and as you guess, Stu steps in to save him. They discuss how long each planet takes to travel around its sun and how some of them fall within the "Goldilocks Zone" to sustain water and possibly life.

Stu like the new Philly Soda tax because he thinks that other cities would not do it.
Pat talks about a time when he lived in Montana and how people would drive to the reservations to buy cigarettes because the tax
Stu talks about how people will go to other places to get the items that they want using the city of Irving, Texas.
They also talk about one of their favorite soda companies Hanks Soda and how the tax is affecting them.
Jeff says that the tax has brought in more money than originally thought.

The guys talk about how the Mets are paying former player Bobby Bonilla $6 million dollars because of poor investments with Bernie Madoff.

Jeffy Time:
Matt Damon star of the ‘Great Wall’ is not a believer of walls
Serial baby killer Gosnell wants Will Smith to help him because he helped give birth to him

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