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Pat and Stu 2/23/17 - Hour 2

February 23, 201747 min
-The guys talk about how Huffington Post Lifestyle journalist Jane Seo was disqualified from a half marathon because her timing chip was showing unusually fast times in the latter half of the race. It was revealed that she had indeed cheated and she has since apologized. Someone tipped Jarred Rudder and showed a photo of her at the finish line and what her watch said and it showed how many miles she actually ran.

Stu says why make a bigger deal than what it really is?
Pat is very leery about it because it is something to fake
It turns out to be real but only as a prototype
It doesn’t look like a speeder from ‘Return of the Jedi’
Stu talks about the new drones and how the balance could be an issue with this "Drone-cycle"
Stu wants to close it and put stronger props and make an actual flying car
They also talk about another kick-star company that is making an "Airport Jacket" hold 33 lbs of stuff.
Pat’s not buying it
It’s really just a jacket with extra pockets

Glenn Beck talks about the founding fathers who signed the Declaration of Independence that you may not have heard of
Stephen Hopkins, struggled with writing his name because he had either a stroke or parkinson's disease, which was not known during that time.
George Whiff, the man who taught Thomas Jefferson law, was killed by his nephew killed him and got away it because of a law that would not allow a slave to testify in court.
Charles Carrollton last surving signer of Declaration of Independence he died at 95 years old and lived longer than people who did not live that long. He gave his money help with spreading Christianity
President Harrison, who gave a speech in the rain for two hours and caught pneumonia after 3 days in office, his father signed the Declaration Of Independence

The guys talk about actors and actresses who lost Oscars and wonder since they don't seem to care why should they?
Stu is puzzled that Whoopie Goldberg got an Oscar and she is also an E.G.O.T.
The legendary Marlon Brando stated in his autobiography “I didn’t know what happened to Oscar I won”
Jeff Bridges has also lost one.
Colin Firth have almost left his in a bathroom
Jeffy wants to be a bathroom attendant
Stu thinks bathroom attendants are a dumb profession and tips are hard with them
New ‘King Arthur’ Trailer
The guys say it looks like pretty good review from the guys

Today on Spoons the guys have Blueberry Pancake Crunch to review.
The guys talk about how it smells more like a Blueberry Muffins
There’s a Blue, Yellow, and hybrid all taste the same
Pat loves them
Stu likes the taste but thinks that it is more of a blueberry muffin
Both Pat and Stu give it a 16 while Jeff gives it an 11 ½

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