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Pat and Stu 2/27/17 - Hour 1

February 27, 201747 min
-Pat’s BYU Cougars just beat the #1 college basketball team in the nation! Yet, despite getting the big win on the road at Gonzaga, our favorite Provo grad says his team is probably still going to the NIT.

-Staying on the hardwood, Stu admires Kentucky for finding a way to exploit the rules of college basketball in a completely legal way. Also, Cleveland Cavaliers’ star, Kyrie Irving, thinks the world is flat…yes, you read that right…

-President Trump announced that he will not attend the White House Correspondents dinner. He will be the first president to miss the event since Ronald Reagan, who missed it because he had been shot by a would-be-assassin. The guys praise Trump for not being vindictive in his decline, as he did not demean the event and wished everyone else a good time. Hopefully, this will lead to the end of the event, which was started by the progressive Woodrow Wilson.

-On a related note, why has Reagan’s would-be assassin, John Hinckley Jr., received limited parole? He is now allowed outside of a mental hospital for a portion of every month. He shot the President of the United States… The guys make it clear that this is a man that should remain behind bars. He should receive more favorable conditions, but those who commit the ultimate act of war probably shouldn’t go free.

-The Conservative Movement IS Donald Trump! According to Politico, the new president has begun the process to “bend conservatism to his image.” In reporting on the president’s visit to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), the news organization shed some light on the subject of Trump “re-defining what it means to be conservative.”

-Kellyanne Conway has been quoted as saying that CPAC should become TPAC (Pat finds it incredibly hard to believe that she came from the Cruz campaign). The guys agree that it doesn’t matter whether Trump is completely right; changing your fundamental principles based on the ideals of one man within your ranks is just wrong.

-We have an outrageous comment to share. Well, outrageous if you’re a leftist. David Friedman, Trump’s choice for U.S. Envoy to Israel, has rejected the idea on the Jewish state commonly held by previous presidents (both Republican and Democratic). He says that Israel is not an occupier of Muslim territory against international law, and, going even further, the Jewish State has as much of a right if not more of a right to the West Bank than the Palestinians. His rationale is the fact that the territory was seized in a defensive war from Jordan, which has since renounced its claims to the territory. The guys agree with him completely.

-Jeffy tells us that Facebook will allow its Facebook Live users to monetize their productions through advertising sales. The guys agree that this is a good move if the social media giant wants to compete with YouTube for the best online productions.

-Former WNBA star Candice Wiggins has made the claim that she was forced into retirement due to “too many lesbians” bullying her due to her heterosexuality throughout her career. She claimed that the league is 98 percent lesbian. Whether that figure is anywhere close to accurate is irrelevant; she will not get the empathy she seeks from the left.

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