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Pat and Stu 2/27/27 - Hour 2

February 27, 201747 min
-2017 will be remembered for the greatest Oscar presentation ever!

-Well, that's one way people are looking at it... It would have been bad enough had the memorial for costume designer Janet Patterson (which erroneously featured an image of producer Jan Chapman) been the worst mistake of the night. If you've been living under a rock, the biggest award of the night, Best Picture, was awarded to the wrong film...

-Was the presenter handed the wrong envelope? Should he have checked with a representative? Did he make the best of a horrible situation? The guys offer their decidedly unbiased opinions.

-The guys play a clip of Keanu Reeves training for shooting various guns throughout the making of John Wick 2. He's really into the task at hand, and Jeffy and Pat get to thinking about various war films featuring major battle scenes. In Jeffy's mind, 'Hacksaw Ridge' was not as good as 'Saving Private Ryan.'

-"Get Out" - the racist horror movie –scored a stunning 100% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The movie was shot in less than a month for $4.5 Million and made over six times that amount on its opening weekend alone.

-Will we have a new Grand Nozzle of the Douche Hall of Fame?! The man put to the vote today is Chris Cuomo of CNN. His comments regarding young girls' aversion to seeing a man's penis has taken the transgender rights debate to a whole new level. Will he get the requisite 75 percent of the vote to reach the "top" of the heap? Tune in to find out!

-Stu previews "The Flakies" and shows off some of the prizes up for grabs among the liberal snowflakes. Who will take home a bible? An honorary degree from Trump University? A luxury cruise with Ted Cruz? *Doubtful even Heidi would want that last one...

-How does Pixar alter its movies for international audiences? The ways are more subtle than simply changing the dialogue.

-Average life expectancy could reach 90 in some parts of the world very soon. What exactly is contributing to such an increase?

-The guys play a sassy video of one of Trump’s press conferences…

The guys eat "Peep" flavored Oreos in the latest edition of SPOONS! These don't get the best reviews, but Pat and Stu are really looking forward to trying more innovative flavors currently in development.

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