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Pat and Stu 2/6/17 - Hour 2

February 6, 201746 min
-Just how much did Stu pay to attend this year’s Super Bowl? Pat and Jeff conclude that we will probably never know.

Glenn Beck joins the program with an excerpt from his live Q&A session in which he was asked about the Nazarene Fund, which seeks to protect Middle Eastern Christian minorities by bringing them to the United States. Glenn tells us that, perhaps surprisingly, many of the people they help want to go back to their homelands once hostilities cease. In short, according to Glenn, this program would be huge news if he and his people were liberals.

NEWSFLASH: The scientific community duped world leaders with false data on global warming. The deception runs so deep that even the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) violated its own scientific integrity.

-Why do so many people hate the level of success that the Patriots have attained? Is it primarily a leftist thing? Regardless, the irrational hatred of New England's success has become a part of American life.

-The guys tell you exactly what happens to the losing team's championship apparel. And they determine just what Emily Elizabeth, the owner of Clifford the Big Red Dog, must have done in order to pick up his poop.

-The guys eat a football made out of summer sausage in the latest edition of SPOONS! Plus, Jeffy tells us a funny personal story from one of his children’s day care centers.

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