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Pat and Stu 2/8/17 - Hour 2

February 8, 201746 min
-Is every American entitled to health care? That was the question that Bernie Sanders posed to Ted Cruz in a live televised debate Tuesday on CNN. Cruz defined rights as things in regards to which you are free from government interference, not things that you are entitled to. The guys discuss Cruz' comments and illustrate his points as they apply to many major issues.

-How many drugs are produced here in the US by big pharmaceutical companies versus those developed around the world? Is it at all fair for Sanders to demonize these corporations?

-Pat and Stu dissect Sanders' comments in regards to a small business owner in Fort Worth, Texas. Should businesses that employ more than fifty people be forced to provide health insurance for them?

-Glenn Beck joins the program and tells a riveting story that has been forgotten by the history books, the annihilation of Black Wall Street in Greenwood, Oklahoma in 1921. In short, this race riot turned full-fledged military operation brought World War I to America’s shores.

-Stu is in seventh heaven with red velvet Chips Ahoy! cookies in the latest edition of SPOONS!

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