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Pat and Stu 2/9/17 Hour 2

February 9, 201746 min
Segment 1:
Stu talks about the reason why Glenn works a lot with the Nazarene fund and what it is about. The guys skype with Blaze news writer Tre Goins-Phillips and talk about the story of Christian music artist Audrey Assad and the story of her growing up as the daughter of a refugee who fled Syria to escape oppression as a Christian and the story of her family and her music career. Democrats lie about immigration in history and the guys talk about hopw immigrants have had a huge impact on America’s history. Pat says that some of the people who left their countries for the new world were killed by Sea monsters. Is Isis the real reason that why the US won’t accept Syrian refugees? Pat wants to stop all immigration from the Middle East but is torn with what is going on in the world right now.

Segment 2
Glenn Beck Vault: Glenn talks about how a black man lead his crew to escape from the Confederacy to the Union. Robert Smalls the man in charge of the escape gave the ship to President Abraham Lincoln and was given a commission in the union army.

Segment 3:
The guys talk about Netflix's new series “Dear White People.” The guys are confused about the premise of the show. The guys talk the dumb costumes the show says are okay for white people to dress up as. Pat and Stu say they can dress up in any kind of costume they want. Just not slutty pirate or anything with “sexy” in it. Known conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is brought up and how his theories fit into a remix of the ‘Ducktales' theme song. Pat ask if chemtrails still a thing? Jeffy says yes! Stu talks about how much of a conspiracy theorist Jeff is and apparently he’s a pretty big one. The guys wonder if you leave Jeff in a room with the internet for the day, he will become Alex Jones by the end of the day. Jeff also thinks 50/50 chance that we didn’t land on the moon

Segment Four:
Jeff surprises Stu with a cake for his 41st birthday. The trailer for Matt Damon's new movie 'Great Wall’ is reviewed and make correlations between the movie and Trump's presidency. Pat says it doesn’t look that good and Matt Damon’s acting is terrible. Stu thinks it may be targeted for Chinese audience and not the US. Pat and Jeff also talk about things turning 40: Ryan Reynold, Benedict Cumberbatch, Fred Savage, Collin Farrell, U2, Apple Company, The first platinum record, Reese Witherspoon, Weird Al’s first Airplay, The Muppet show, and Seattle Seahawks.

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