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Pat and Stu 3/1/17 - Hour 1

March 1, 201747 min
-Donald Trump’s speech to the Joint Sessions of Congress (which the guys think should just be called the State of the Union) went over very well. Trump talked about being a representative of the American people versus being a representative of the world and emphasized how much he values the rights of sovereign nations. The people appear to be satisfied with Trump’s words, but Pat and Stu are digging deeper.

-How are Republicans reacting to the proposed stimulus, which will result in $2 Trillion in spending? House Speaker Paul Ryan, who was sitting directly behind Trump, applauded Trump’s proposal. This is the same man who ran against Barack Obama in 2012 on a Mitt Romney platform that decried spending increases such as this. Add in the fact that Trump possibly pitched an Obamacare-Lite policy, and you have wonder if the GOP will end up caving to this man who feels he could be way more popular being a moderate Democrat?

-Trump utilized a quote by Abraham Lincoln to justify his proposed tariff increases…the guys agree that things have changed a bit since Abe made that quote… Pat explains that tariffs were extremely harmful to the economy of the pre-Civil War United States and that the current president needs to rethink his justification of such policies today.

-Also, Pat denounces the insinuation that America’s infrastructure is crumbling. He cites the country’s airports, which he says are supposed to be functional, not beautiful.

-Will repealing Obamacare result in piles of dead people on every street corner? Has the Affordable Care Act saved 700 Trillion lives? The answer to both of those questions is no. Pat and Stu examine a report published by the Manhattan Institute that determined that the ACA has not saved lives due to the fact that the percentage of insured Americans has actually declined in many areas and the fact that states which accepted Medicaid increases have actually seen a worsening of age-adjusted mortality. Pat tells the story of how Glenn Beck’s company coverage was slashed in quality, and Stu tells the horror story of his insurance company’s clash with his dentist.

-Sarah Silverman has ticked off both mothers and fathers with her commentary on parenthood. She tweeted that she chose living a full life over motherhood, because it was practically impossible to live a full life with children to take care of. She also praised fathers who travel a lot because they get to come home randomly and just be cool dads. Yeah, the guys agree that she just doesn’t get it about parenthood. Just stick to comedy, Sarah.

-Maryland Governor Larry Hogan (R) has declared a state of emergency in his state due to a surge in heroin and opioid-related deaths. His state saw 1468 people die due to such overdoses between January and September of 2016, and this was not the first year with horrific numbers. The guys discuss their views on various drug crises over the course of their lifetimes and specifically examine the 1986 death of basketball star Len Bias due to a cocaine overdose.

-Which brands topped Consumer Report’s list of top auto manufacturers? Did Pat and Stu’s cars get the praise they deserved? What does Pat even drive?

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