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Pat_and_Stu 3/7/17 - Hour 1

March 7, 201747 min
NEWSFLASH: The new Republican bill to repeal and replace Obamacare is a turd burger! Not in the eyes of Forbes, but rather in the eyes of Pat and Stu. Donald Trump is apparently a fan of this "open-negotiation point," but Stu gives this bill a D+ if he's giving Obamacare an F.-The bill, which could be called "Trumpcare" or "Ryancare", would implement a backdoor mandate that would ensure higher premiums for those that go without insurance for even a short length of time. This alone undermines the first and foremost point of opposition to the Affordable Care Act.-Great news for Jeffy! TSA pat-downs are about to get real! The new pat-down procedure will be disclosed to the "victim" beforehand, but will be much more intense. Sorry Pat, your nuts do not matter! Sign up for Pre-Check today!-Conservative author Billy Hallowell joins the program to discuss his new book "Fault Line", which discusses the issues of faith and free speech in our modern world, which seems to provide a secular mindset everywhere we go. Together, the guys discuss the issue of evangelicals flocking to Donald Trump and the idea of "Progressive Privilege" in regards to the media and high society.Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) was praised recently for helping an Indian snowshoe athlete immigrate to the United States. Now the athlete has been arrested on a sex crime charge... and no, Chucky has not bailed him out...Listen to Pat & Stu for FREE on TheBlaze Radio Network from 5p-7p ET, Mon. through Fri. @PatandStuFacebook: PatandStu

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