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Pat_and_Stu 3/7/17 - Hour 2

March 7, 201747 min
-Will Planned Parenthood get to keep federal funding if they stop providing abortions? Do they even use taxpayer money to fund abortions? Does it matter what they use it for when they still are performing abortions? The guys sort through this issue and come to a simple consensus.

-People have been using Facebook Live to live stream their suicides and the company will attempt to use Artificial Intelligence to intervene in such scenarios. The guys wonder if they could test the technology right here and now...

-Could science now erase your traumatic memories? Is it legal to shoot down your nosy neighbor's drone (literally)? And are 3D-printed houses going to make home construction crews obsolete?

-Are soda taxes racist? Well, since Hispanics and Blacks drink more regular soda than Whites and Asians, and since diet drinks usually aren't covered by the tax increases, some people say yes.

-The University of California-Berkeley had an online library of 20,000 lectures available to the public for free, but had to take it down due to a complaint that there was no closed captioning for deaf viewers (a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act).

-The guys are eating one of their favorite snacks, Cheetos Sweetos, in the latest edition of SPOONS! Not surprisingly, we have rave reviews in the house...

-Glenn Beck joins the program with his Think Tank, in which his panel debates the Republican effort to replace Obamacare. They examine Rand Paul's revelation that the deliberations within the party are shrouded in secrecy and agree that openness is the only way to avoid a similar debacle to the launch of the Affordable Care Act in 2010.

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