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Pat_and_Stu 3/8/17 - Hour 2

March 8, 201747 min
-It's “A Day without a Woman” Day! To celebrate, we've sent all the women home from the studio... No, not really...-What is really behind this day, actual activism or liberal organizations hiding in the shadows? The guys examine the foremost rallying cry, "equal pay for equal work!" and look at a study by Prager University that sheds a little light on the subject. In short, the study shows that there are far too many variables for us to accurately show a sizable wage gap between men and women. Women work less in high-paying science and technology jobs and work fewer hours across the board. Thus, we have a massive blow to the idea of "77 cents on the dollar."-In Melbourne, Australia, women can finally cross the street! They've put skirts on the walking "men" that signify the time to cross an intersection. Yes, they really did spend money to do this...-Yes, Ben Carson made a really stupid comment about immigration and slavery, but many have ignored the fact that Barack Obama said something similar in 2015. He simply used more flowery language, and thus, people let it go.-Why don’t planes fly any faster than they did in the 1960's? The reason boils down to the price of airline tickets and the costs of operating turbofan engines. But could the Concorde actually be returning to our future?-The guys eat something normal and something not so normal in the latest edition of SPOONS! Popped Chex Mix and Pickled Watermelon Rinds... But could both actually get solid reviews?-Glenn Beck joins the program with "The Vault", in which he discusses the life of the greatest female sharpshooter in American history, Annie Oakley. Here is a woman who fed her family at the age of eight and could shoot a dime out of the air with a rifle. No, not a shotgun, a rifle. You will not want to miss this story!Listen to Pat & Stu for FREE on TheBlaze Radio Network from 5p-7p ET, Mon. through Fri. @PatandStuFacebook: PatandStu

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