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QUICK HIT: Donald Trump = Conservative???

February 27, 201716 min
The conservative movement is Donald Trump! That was the focus of Politico's report on the president's visit to CPAC on Friday. The guys question many of the points in the article, asking:

-How has Trump been able to begin the process of "bending conservatism to his image"?

-How has he managed to "re-define what it means to be conservative"?

-Why did Kellyanne Conway say that 'CPAC' (Conservative Political Action Conference) should become 'TPAC' (Trump Political Action Conference)?

-Perhaps the better question (according to Pat) is: how did she get here after starting on the Cruz campaign?

-The guys agree that it doesn’t matter whether Trump is completely right; changing your fundamental principles based on the ideals of one man within your ranks is just wrong.

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