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QUICK HIT: 'Phenominal' tax cuts coming?

February 9, 20179 min
The guys are happy bout President Trump announcing his tax package. The president calls it 'Phenominal.' The guys are curious about what does phenomenal means when it comes to our taxes. Trump’s grammar may be suspect from time to time. Stu says Trump’s words and interviews have been “Controlled" because he wasn't being recorded for everything that he is saying. Stu thinks that former US President Ronald Regan was the last dynamic speaker for the Republican Party and wants better speakers for republicans. Is Trump really speaking English? Stu took French for 5 years and doesn’t remember any of it except the phrase "Can I go to the bathroom?" The guys wonder if Melania Trump know English better than Donald Tump? Stu thinks that Trump is thinking of what to say next instead of speaking the rest of the sentence

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