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QUICK HIT: 'Ready to Lead', again.

March 1, 201720 min
-The guys agree that Donald Trump's speech should just be called "the State of the Union" rather than an "Address of the Joint Session of Congress". They also agree that the President made some very good statements, especially his point that his position shall be one of "representing the people of the United States" rather than being "a representative of the world."

-On the proposed stimulus, Pat does not buy into the crumbling infrastructure argument. He cites America's airports as an example. Many of them are dingy and outdated, but they are buildings designed to be functional, not beautiful, so this does not concern him What does concern him is the Republican reaction to an announcement of $2 Trillion in spending, most notably that of one of the men sitting behind Trump, House Speaker Paul Ryan. This is a man who ran against Barack Obama in 2012 on a Romney platform that championed spending cuts, yet he was applauding the new president's announcements. Is this a bad omen for the GOP?

-Pat also dissects Trump's justification of a "protective" economic policy with increased tariffs. Trump utilized a quote by Abraham Lincoln from the antebellum period in which he stated that free trade cannot work. This was not a good choice, because the American people should be smart enough to figure out that technology and trade have changed since Lincoln's time.

-In short, most people just liked the speech; they are now more optimistic. This could be very dangerous for the conservatives, because Trump might just decide that the best way to increase his popularity is to be a moderate Democrat, which is his political background prior to his presidential run. Will it actually happen? Pat and Stu examine both the facts and the assumptions to decide.

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