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QUICK HIT: "Trump did nothing wrong"

January 31, 201711 min
-Sally Yates is out as Attorney General, but that is not news. She said that she would not enforce Trump's executive order on immigration and was subsequently fired, but she would have been let go in two weeks anyway. This way, she gains additional acclaim among liberals and might just have a place on MSNBC for her trouble, according to Stu.

-In short, what if the new president was Bernie Sanders halting all border security measures? Stu would gladly step aside in lieu of enforcing a law that clashed so deeply with his beliefs.

-NBC. They gave us Donald Trump to be our president, and now they have the nerve to give us a new edition of the Celebrity Apprentice! Jeffy chimes in with the proper way to massage sub-par ratings reports to a guy like Trump, and reveals what a compulsive liar he is...

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