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QUICK HIT: "Trumpcare" to the Rescue

March 7, 201718 min
-Forbes thinks the Republican bill to repeal and replace Obamacare is fantastic. Pat and Stu think it's a turd burger...

-Don't get us wrong, some of the conditions within the bill are good, but the overall grade only rises from an F to a D+, according to Stu. For this to be the first offer for "open-negotiations" is an insult to constitutional conservatives. The plan would create a "backdoor mandate" to charge people more for insurance after not having it for even a few months, as well as an offer of massive tax subsidies for those who pay a minimal amount of taxes each year.

-In short, the Republicans are folding on things WHILE they’re in power. And this is nothing new, as they’ve blown every great conservative opportunity in Pat’s lifetime. YEAH, BUT TRUMP! Right?

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