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Encore: Tech Addiction and Crazy Space | FULL SHOW | #301

February 1, 201642 min
Have we become overly attached to the internet as a society? What would happen if the internet suddenly disappeared? Also, what the heck is going on around the star called KIC8462852? And how important is it to get genetic screening before pregnancy? So many questions! So little time!
Segment 1: The Chamber of Secrets
Archaeologists have recently uncovered fossils of a new member of the human family tree in South Africa. Anthropologist and Archaeologist, Becca Peixotto, brings us the details of this new discovery and how the unique environment in which they were uncovered is obscuring the dating process.
Segment 2: Homo Naledi
The discovery of Homo naledi in a supposed mass grave located in South Africa is an exciting discovery! Does this suggest a burial ritual or some other complex behavior? Becca Peixotto says its too early to know, and describes the dangers of climbing into a confined cave.
Segment 3: Living In Space
What is it like living for a few months on the space station? NASA Astronaut, Dr. Sandy Magnus, describes the disorienting, exciting, and weird things about living in a zero gravity environment.
Segment 4: Water Flows on Mars
NASA has found flowing water on Mars, contrary to past theories that liquid water might not even be possible on the red planet's surface. NASA Solar System Ambassador, Matt Funke, explains why we considered water on Mars highly improbable and the chemical process that makes it a reality.
Segment 5: Water = Oxygen
What does the discovery of water on Mars mean for us as scientific explorers? Matt Funke explains how liquid water could help support a human colony, but scientists are very hesitant to comment on the possibility of life.
Segment 6: Know Before You Fly
Where can we fly our fresh-bought drones anyway? Popular Science writer, Kelsey Atherton, lets us know where it is illegal to fly drones (keep them away from airports!) and directs us to KnowBeforeYouFly.org, a safe flight educational campaign.

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