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Encore: The Future of War | FULL SHOW | #276

December 14, 201542 min
From war to acidity levels, our oceans are in danger. Find out how Juliet Marine System's Ghost can keep our shorelines safe for a fraction of our current military spending. Then, XPRIZE is on a mission to kick start our oceans.
Segment 1: Distributed Lethality
The problem with our Navy these days is all the value and lives concentrated in one spot, like with our aircraft carriers. Avalon Ventures Founder, Kevin Kinsella, explains the rising idea of "distributed lethality" and how that factors into his firms decision to invest in Juliet Marine Systems' Ghost.
Segment 2: Autonomous Ghost
The autonomous and drone worlds have been very much a part of the military-industrial complex for the better part of a decade now. Kevin Kinsella chats with us about the possibility of autonomous or remote Ghost use.
Segment 3: Entrepreneurial Research
The defense sector has been lacking in entrepreneurial spirit for many years now. Kevin Kinsella tells us why DARPA and other military researchers need to get their head in the right place and buy private research, rather than creating things that don't solve any problems.
Segment 4: The Web of Lies
The internet is not a safe place, in fact it's as much of a warzone as the real world. "Cyber Fraud: The Web of Lies" Author and former U.S. Marine, Bryan Seely, warns us of some of the common, but not so easily detected threats and scams on the internet, like some parts Google!
Segment 5: Ocean Health
Our oceans are facing a real problem: They are becoming more acidic. XPRIZE Senior Director, Dr. Paul Bunje, explains how the Wendy Schmidt Ocean Health XPRIZE is designed to motivate teams of researchers to come up with a solution to this crisis.
Segment 6: Save Our Oceans
Sunburst Sensors has been in business for almost 15 years and now thanks to the XPRIZE they are able to tackle a new, very real world problem. CEO James Beck explains the danger in the rising acidity in our worlds oceans caused by excessive CO2 absorption.

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