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Eyes On The Sky | FULL SHOW | #295

December 21, 201542 min
With movies like Star Wars, Star Trek, The Martian, and Interstellar cashing out at the box office, it seems we are focused as a society on outer space! Find out what bits of space science in these movies is realistic, what is happening around Tabby's star, and what Pluto means for science! Also, find out why Elon Musk and many other great minds have a beef with unchecked A.I. advancement.
Segment 1: Tabby's Star Super Structure
The Keppler Mission has found what could appear to be a large, alien super-structure around Tabby's Star, but could an asteroid swarm be the better explanation? Dr. Ian O'Neill says while aliens sounds like the exciting answer, a natural phenomenon is much more likely.
Segment 2: Science in Sci-Fi
The science in Sci-Fi movies often misses the mark, but every so often a movie gets it right. Dr. Ian O'Neill gives us his picks for the best space movies of the year.
Segment 3: Hello Pluto!
While Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Trek Beyond promise to be entertaining blockbuster hits, Dr. Ian O'Neill has more exciting news on his mind. Find out why Dr. O'Neill ranks New Horizons' visit to Pluto as THE top discovery of our time.
Segment 4: Open A.I.
Elon Musk has spearheaded an initiative to insure artificial intelligence doesn't get out of control with Open A.I. Ellis & Associates' John Ellis gives us a quick overview of what A.I. is and why we need to regulate it.
Segment 5: Keeping A.I. in Check
Artificial Intelligence can seem scary, but A.I. has a great deal of positive applications. John Ellis explains how A.I. can help us in many different fields, but like any tool it requires caution and oversight.
Segment 6: Star Wars and Relativity
Movies like Star Wars, and books like Dr. Jeffrey Bennett's "I, Humanity," help fuel the next generation's interest in science. Dr. Bennett explains how Star Wars' hyperspace travel actually doesn't violate Einstein's theory of relativity.

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