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Gravitational Waves and UniKey | FULL SHOW | #304

February 22, 201642 min
Gravity has finally been observed! Find out what this discovery means to us and how it helps prove Einstein's Theory of Relativity. Also, get rid of your key ring and use your smart phone instead!
Segment 1: Gravitational Waves
For the first time ever, a pair of two mile long instruments in the United States have detected gravitational waves from colliding black holes! If you don't realize how big this news is, Dr. Jeffrey Bennett is here to fill you in! We have a whole new way to observe the universe!
Segment 2: Human Ingenuity
We've had some verification of gravity indirectly, but this discovery is the first direct proof we've ever had! Dr. Jeffrey Bennett tells us why this discovery is important to us, including proving what humanity is capable of if we work together.
Segment 3: Playing By The Rules
Have you ever wondered why you can't take liquids over 3 oz on an airplane? "Playing by the Rules" co-author, Tracey Brown, explains why she is on a mission to question and hopefully change this and many other seemingly needless rules.
Segment 4: Good Bye Keys
Toss your key chain or key fob and replace it with your smart phone! UniKey Technologies President & Founder, Phil Dumas, explains how he is moving key technology to the future with easy access to your house, car, or whatever else you want!
Segment 5: Smart Locks
Give your buddies remote access to your house, or borrow a neighbor's smart phone to unlock your door if you lose your phone! Phil Dumas highlights some of the handy benefits of having UniKey activated locks.
Segment 6: UniKey at Hotels
Check in on your phone, go right to your room, and simply walk in! UniKey Technologies President & Founder, Phil Dumas, shares how their remote key system is revolutionizing the way we stay at hotels. Also, if you've got security concerns, Phil ensures us that UniKey has not been compromised in its 2 years of existence!

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