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Innovation at CES 2016 | FULL SHOW | #282

January 11, 201642 min
Necessity is the mother of invention, or so they say. This week we chat with innovators like LOKSAK's Linda Kennedy, Clarion's Patrick Serrato, and Seek Thermal's Tracy Benson, who continue to push the boundaries in their realms, at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
Segment 1: LOKSAK
Keep your electronics safe and useable in and around water with a LOKSAK weather proof bag! Owner, Linda Kennedy, explains why her bags are so effective that scuba divers, the FBI, and even the Navy ask for LOKSAK by name!
Segment 2: SHIELDSAK
Become invisible to hackers while out in the public and deny them access to your phone, computer, cash, and credit cards with LOKSAK's SHIELDSAK. Linda Kennedy fills us in on the amazing technology, inspired by the needs of AAFES, that blocks RF signals from leaving or entering the bag.
Segment 3: Consumer Technology Association
With over 3,600 exhibitors at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, there's something for everyone! What does CTA Senior Coordinator of Industry Communications, Danielle Cassagnol, think is the most exciting technology? Find out.
Segment 4: Clarion FDS
Clarion aims to be the premier manufacturer of source units, amplifiers, speakers, and audio connectivity for auto OEM's and aftermarket. Director of Product Planning, Patrick Serrato, tells us about the new NX706 touch panel contol and Full Digital Sound lineup that supports a high resolution, digit sound experience.
Segment 5: EyeLock
A single human iris has over 240 points of uniqueness, add the second eye and no two peoples eyes can ever look the same! EyeLock Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer, Anthony Antolino, sounds off on their award winning use of the iris as a security tool, as recognized by Popular Science.
Segment 6: Seek Thermal
Keep your eyes on the prize, even at night, with Seek Thermal's new handheld thermal imaging device! VP of Global Marketing, Tracy Benson, explains why this Popular Science Best of What's New gadget is a must have for any hunter, homeowner, or tech enthusiast.

Chat About Innovation at CES 2016 | FULL SHOW | #282

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