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Science-Palooza | FULL SHOW | #328

March 8, 201742 min
This weeks show is a veritable grab bag of topics! First is a groundbreaking new treatment for preciously untreatable tremors. Then on to the Rosetta probe, which is crashing into a comet shaped like a rubber duck!! And finally, we have the latest in maintenance-free air purification technology! | Download Full Episode #328

Segment 1: Targeting Tremors | Download Segment 1
For those with tremors, everyday tasks like drinking a cup of coffee can feel impossible. Lebenthal & Company CEO, Alexandra Lebenthal, suffered from terrible tremors most of her life until she took part in a groundbreaking procedure at Weill Cornell Medicine Brain & Spine Center in NYC. Alexandra shares her personal journey undergoing high-intensity focused ultrasound treatments.

Segment 2: Essential Tremor | Download Segment 2
10-million people in the U.S. are afflicted with Essential Tremor. A cutting-edge procedure has received FDA approval and is bringing hope to those affected by the common movement disorder. Alexandra Lebenthal comments on how the procedure has positively impacted her quality of life.

Segment 3: Death on a Comet | Download Segment 3

The Rosetta Probe is going to run out of juice soon, but instead of letting it fade away, it's going to be crashed into a comet! Aren't scientists the best? On behalf of the Science Channel (@sciencechannel), Dan Riskin (@riskindan) tells us more.

Segment 4: Hot Potato | Download Segment 4

What shape is a comet? Would you have guessed "rubber duck? Dr. Dan Riskin (@riskindan), Host of Science Channel's (@sciencechannel) "Death on a Comet", joins us to discuss all the new data they've been discovering from the Rosetta Probe.

Segment 5: 2016 Space Odyssey | Download Segment 5

What does a comet shaped like a rubber duck smell like? The Science Channel (@sciencechannel) has the answer! Dr. Dan Riskin (@riskindan), Host of "Death on a Comet", joins us to discuss the new Science Channel special.

Segment 6: Airfree | Download Segment 6

Do you have dust or mold allergies? Alan is joined by Jose Duarte, Airfree (@airfree) Development Director, to discuss their amazing new air purifier, the Onix 3000, that is maintenance-free... And did we mention it looks like Darth Vader. Bonus!

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