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March 14, 20161 min
RadioMD News... I'm John Byrd.Scientists have developed a smart patch that may eliminate the need for diabetes patients to inject insulin. The quarter-sized patch delivers insulin producing beta cells painlessly when the body needs them, for about 10 hours at a time.This is RadioMD News... U.S. spending on prescription drugs rose 5.2% last year alone, including an 18% increase on specialty drugs, says a new report. Driven by ever rising drug prices, it has become a national issue and a talking point of the presidential race as consumers push back on the higher bills.And... working too long at the office can affect your health. More new research finds that toiling for extra hours at the job may seriously affect your well-being, including upping your risk of heart disease. Among full-time employees, the risk rose 1% for each additional hour worked per week over a decade or more. The risk rises significantly more for those working more than 46 hours per work. Something to definitely think about.For RadioMD News,

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