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April 6, 20161 min
RadioMD News... I'm John Byrd.The government is shifting $589 million in funding to prepare for likely outbreaks of the Zika virus in the U.S. during the upcoming mosquito season, officials announced yesterday. The money includes $510 million originally ear-marked for fighting the Ebola virus.This is RadioMD News... Women are twice as likely to die from severe heart attacks, a new study finds. The gender gap is likely due to differences in awareness, access to care and risk factors. Women tend to be older and have more health problems when they suffer severe heart attacks. And... in a related note, hearts really can "break" after the death of loved one. Literally. People are more likely to develop an irregular heartbeat following the death of their spouse or life partner, particularly if they're younger or the loved one died unexpectedly, new research suggests. A quivering or irregular heartbeat was 41% higher among people mourning the death of their partner. The risk is greatest in the first 2 weeks followi

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