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June 27, 20161 min
RadioMD News... I'm John Byrd.The National Institutes of Health have approved the first human trials using gene editing as a method to fight cancer. The new procedure works by altering a patients' immune cells to more effectively battle tumor cells. In an alarming development, British health experts have confirmed a case of throat gonorrhea that proved untreatable with the standard antibiotics. In recent years, scientists have seen increasing resistance to antibiotics by the infection, raising serious concerns.And... a chocolate that's better for you than those currently available and potentially even tastier? Yes, please! Researchers have discovered a way to eliminate the use of cocoa butter during the manufacturing process, resulting in a 20%-30% reduction in fat. Although not commercially available just yet, the new finding could lead to chocolate varieties for those who are watching their weight. Now that's some sweet news!For RadioMD News, this is John Byrd. Hear health talk interviews with top experts at

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