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July 26, 20161 min
RadioMD News... I'm John Byrd.Meijer has recalled their salads and sandwiches due to possible Salmonella contamination, the company announced. The affected products were sold at stores between July 20 and 25th. There have been no known illnesses reported thus far.The American Red Cross has announced it is in urgent need of more blood donations. A critical shortage has the national supply at less than 5 days worth. All blood types are needed and they will even give you a $5 Amazon gift card for your trouble.And... in a related note of sorts, being a couch potato can be very costly when it comes to your health. People who sit and watch 5 or more hours of television per day more than double their chances of dying of a blood clot, a new study finds. And your risk increases by 40% for every additional 2 hours of viewing time. Scary stuff if you like to "binge-watch" your favorites TV shows. Experts advise standing up, stretching and walking around a bit to help reduce the risk.For RadioMD News, this is John Byrd. H

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