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August 10, 20161 min
RadioMD News... I'm John Byrd.Four more cases of Zika infection have been reported in the Miami, Florida area, state officials report. Most likely spread via mosquito bites, this brings the total count of cases to 21. As of now, there is no vaccine or treatment yet for infection with the Zika virus.Millions of Americans drink water tainted with toxic chemicals, researchers report. The exposure to unsafe levels of dangerous chemicals can trigger a host of health problems, including cancer. Common water filters you buy at the store won't remove the chemicals either.And... being overweight can be bad for your brain as well as your belly. New research suggests being overweight or obese may trigger premature aging of the brain by a decade or more, especially from middle age onward. The study centered on how carrying excess weight affects the brain's white matter, which facilitates communication between different brain regions. There is also the possibility that being overweight can raise the risk of Alzheimer's dis

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