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September 1, 20161 min
RadioMD News... I'm John Byrd.Preventing the contraction of HIV might be as simple as taking a pill soon. A new drug tested by people who are at high risk for HIV was found to be 100% effective in an extensive 2 1/2 year study. The new drug is called PrEP, sometimes also known as Truvada. This is RadioMD News...Something to keep in mind if you will be outside this long weekend: keep your device usage to a minimum to avoid a sunburn and worse. New research has confirmed the screens on tablets, smartphones and laptops can reflect the sun's ultraviolet light and significantly increase your chances of over-exposure.And... while we're on the topic of the Labor Day weekend, take the kids to a farm - it's good for their health. Scientists have found exposure to the bacteria and dust on farms actually helps prevent them from suffering from asthma and hay fever. The body's reaction leads to strengthening of their developing immune systems. If you do decide to drop the kids off at the farm, just remember to pick them ba

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