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September 12, 20161 min
RadioMD News... I'm John Byrd.Top health officials warn that the Zika virus threatens much of the Western Hemisphere, with Florida, Puerto Rico and Brazil in the crosshairs. The Center for Disease Control chief went on to criticize partisan congressional squabbling that has held up emergency Zika funding.Scientists have devised a method to scale up stem cell production, by-passing the standard method which is costly and time consuming. Billions of stem cells are needed for use in disease treatment, necessitating easier and cheaper large-scale production.And... reducing sugar intake is good for your health and weight. Just don't replace it with "sugar free" artificial sweeteners, which can be even worse, say experts. Although artificial sweeteners provide the taste people expect from foods, the sugar replacement chemicals trick the brain into making you more hungry, defeating the purpose, as you end up eating more. They can also cause hyperactivity, insomnia and decreased sleep quality. For RadioMD News, this i

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