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September 15, 20161 min
RadioMD News... I'm John Byrd.The FDA has approved the removal of black box warnings from the smoking cessation drug Chantrix. Based on a new study, the warnings may come off that the drug causes suicidal thoughts and hostility, after it was deemed they were unjustified. Chantrix has been available for about a decade.The sugar industry has conspired to hide the effects of sugar on developing heart disease and instead direct the attention on the fat content of food instead, finds new information. The newly unearthed documents prove that that the industry paid to influence the outcome of research on sugar's health effects.And... alcohol may not be as safe for your heart as previously believed, either. Long term drinking of even moderate amounts of alcohol may increase your risk of heart damage, says a new study. Regular drinking, even in small amounts, can lead to heart damage that can cause an irregular heartbeat and ultimately lead to blood clots and possibly even strokes. Something to consider this weekend a

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