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September 26, 20161 min
RadioMD News... I'm John Byrd.Meat products are being recalled from a Massachusetts producer, due to a potential E. coli outbreak reports the CDC. The producer, Adams Farm Slaughterhouse supplies beef, veal and bison products to farmers' markets, retailers and restaurants in the northeastern U.S.People who feel lonely might actually be predisposed to it genetically, finds a large new study. Lifelong, chronic loneliness could be traced back to inherited traits from 14-27% of the time in the analysis. Although some might be predisposed to the condition, for many others, it is a result of environment.And... roller coasters might actually have a medical benefit. Scientists have been surprised to learn that riding roller coasters can help people pass kidney stones. Especially for those that ride in the back of the roller coaster. Nearly 65% of patients who rode there on medium-intensity coasters reported passing stones afterwards. Kidney stones are a result of calcium and other mineral buildup in the kidneys. Large

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