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September 29, 20161 min
RadioMD News... I'm John Byrd.Children who are exposed to pesticides in the home are nearly 50% more likely to develop leukemia or lymphoma, finds new research. The toxic chemicals are used to eliminate insects and other pests. Scientists also believe they maybe linked to an increase in incidences of other types of childhood cancers as well.A more specific set of recommendations on who should take aspirin daily to lower their risk of heart disease and stroke has been unveiled. A panel of independent medical experts found those who are between 50-59 years of age can benefit, including a potential lowered risk of colon cancer.And... drinking your way to weight loss? It's true. Many eat healthy, but wash everything down with the wrong drinks that undo all that effort. Drinks that can help your body burn off the fat and help you stay lean and trim are easy to find and inexpensive. Water, tea, black coffee and milk have all been proven to aid you in your quest for a smaller waistline. Happy Hour suggestions include

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