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October 3, 20161 min
RadioMD News... I'm John Byrd.Exposure to toxic chemicals in the food, water and air we consume is linked to millions of deaths, says a new report by international medical professionals. Pesticides, air pollution, plastics and other chemicals are blamed for many diseases, including cancer, miscarriages and attention disorders to name but a few.Calcium supplements may not actually help strengthen bones or prevent fractures in any significant way, found a large study. Although there was found to be incremental improvement, experts believe the downsides like constipation, cardiovascular risks and kidney stones offset the small benefits.And... want your kids to do better in school? It might be as simple as making sure they eat better. Children and teens who ate a "Western diet", one rich in red and processed meat, refined food and soft drinks performed significantly worse than their peers in school, says new research. Fruits, vegetables and milk have been linked to higher academic achievement. As the saying goes;

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