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October 9, 20161 min
RadioMD News... I'm John ByrdIt could be a game changer in the battle against drug-resistant blood infections. Researchers have developed a speedier blood test that can identify the bacteria causing the infection in 1 hour instead of the current 3 days. The test uses microchips to accomplish it's remarkable feat.People with what is called "restless leg syndrome" may be at a higher risk for stroke, heart and kidney disease finds a new study. Although the research hasn't determined exactly why this is the case, it may have something to do with the resultant lack of sleep associated with the condition.And... just like a "change-up" in baseball can make a difference, so can changing up your walking speed in your quest to lose weight. Researchers found that doing so burned up 20% more calories over the course of a walk. It seems the acceleration and deceleration requires more energy than constant speed, hence the difference. Adding a backpack or weights can further help the concept of "walking it off."For RadioMD N

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