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October 16, 20161 min
RadioMD News... I'm John ByrdScientists have come up with a band-aid that changes color when it detects an infection. Used as a larger wound dressing, it can provide doctors with critical information on the progress of the healing of burns and other injuries, leading to the use of fewer antibiotics.Speaking of antibiotics, researchers have found in a new study that their use in livestock can be harmful to children. Drug-resistant bacteria is a result of feeding the animals antibiotics, which in turn can be very dangerous to children under 5 with immature immune systems.And... if you think you're getting a cold, you're probably right. People who rate themselves as being less healthy are twice as likely to get sick finds new data. This doesn't mean positive thinking can prevent a cold. Rather, the research suggests that people actually know themselves pretty well. If you think you are unhealthy, you are most likely correct. Doctors who simply ask patients to self-rate their own health may be an effective tool to

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