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October 17, 20161 min
RadioMD News... I'm John ByrdThe number of new diabetes cases has begun to drop in the U.S., the first sustained decline in 25 years reports the CDC. A growing trend to getting of more active and paying better attention to diet has resulted in a 20% drop in new cases in the past six years alone.Some athletes get cleared to play again after a concussion far too early, finds a new study. Reduced blood flow to the brain after a concussion was found to continue much longer than initially thought. New technology could help determine more accurately when it is safe to resume.And... getting your child a puppy could be good for their mental heath. Already shown to be beneficial in reducing the rates of allergies and asthma in youngsters, new research indicates owning a puppy reduces anxiety a significant amount, too. The "dog effect" isn't just limited to the little ones, either. Similar results are found with adult owners of "man's best friend." And for the cat lovers? Have no fear, comparable results were found with

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