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October 25, 20161 min
RadioMD News... I'm John ByrdA new method of using stem cells could help to reverse blindness, healed damaged brains and much more, scientists report. Using a gel containing the stem cells seems to be the difference maker. The breakthrough discovery could lead to directly targeting injured or non-functional body parts and systems with the injections.Exercising for just a half hour a day has a powerful effect on life expectancy in the elderly, new research has found. Those who stayed active had their risk of death drop some 40% over the course of the study.And... have you ever craved for tomato juice or a Bloody Mary while flying? It seems you're not alone. The noise on the plane affects a nerve in your inner ear that is connected to taste, making tomato taste better than under normal conditions. This also explains why airplane food seems to taste so bland, experts found. It's actually not the food, but the noise that causes it. You may want to try earplugs to make the food tastier. Strange, but true. For Radio

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