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November 3, 20161 min
RadioMD News... I'm John ByrdDoctors may soon be able to do a simple blood test to see if you need antibiotics. The newly developed test would produce the result within an hour. The discovery was made when it was realized the body reacts differently when is it exposed to viral and bacterial infections.Scientists have come up with a flu vaccine to protect infants from infection. Until now, children younger than 6 months could not be given the vaccine for the same reason they are at higher risk than most people... their immune systems do not yet protect against infections.And... there may actually be a scientific reason for gambling addictions. Flashing lights and music, like that found in casinos, were discovered to encourage risky decisions. Dopamine receptors in the brain that reacted to the bright lights and loud music is the same one that is crucial to drug addiction, determined new research. By blocking the dopamine receptor, risky decision-making decreased. I wonder if that can come in pill form for trips

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