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November 11, 20161 min
RadioMD News... I'm John Byrd.More than 1 in 3 American adults do not get enough sleep, says a new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Getting less than 7 hours of sleep is associated with an increased risk of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and mental distress.Nearly half of teens who go to the emergency room report peer violence and bullying, and one-quarter have symptoms consistent with post-traumatic stress disorder, finds a new study. Few teens who reported PTSD symptoms had received any kind of mental health treatment.And... drinking coffee may undo that liver damage you do this weekend. Drinking 2 additional cups of coffee per day was associated with a 44% lower risk of developing liver cirrhosis, finds new research. It is unknown precisely why coffee has some of the health benefits that it does, but numerous recent studies have discovered other upsides to consuming java, beyond just perking you up. I'll drink to that.For RadioMD News, this is John By

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