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December 1, 20161 min
RadioMD News... I'm John ByrdScientists have come up with a condom that can potentially kill the HIV virus upon contact, in addition to preventing pregnancy. The revolutionary design uses a non-latex substance that is similar to that used in contact lenses. The condom is designed to kill the virus even if it ruptures.A medication used to treat diabetes just may be an anti-aging drug as well that will enable humans to live to 120 years old. Scientists accidentally discovered the drug prevented aging and wrinkling in laboratory testing. New human testing begins next year.And... watching too much TV might turn your youngsters brain to mush. Not only does sitting idle contribute to physical decline, a new study suggests it leads to mental decline as well. The 25 year long study found people who watched the most TV had cognitive scores significantly lower than those who were more active. Experts are concerned the current device-reliant younger generation may show an even greater mental decline when they reach midd

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