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December 13, 20161 min
RadioMD News... I'm John Byrd.Even though they acknowledge the risk to their patients, a new study has found more than 3/4 of medical practitioners go to work anyway when they are sick. Reasons given include letting their colleagues and patients down, staffing concerns and appearing as "slackers."Some people really do age faster than others, new research says. A study of some 38 year olds found their "biological age" ranged anywhere from 30 to as old as 60. Genetic and environmental influences can affect your aging process to run much faster or slower. Scientists hope to discover why in order to prevent illnesses.And... a watch-like device that can change your mood? Called the "doppel", the gadget delivers a beat to your wrist that can be set higher or lower than your current heart rate. The makers claim it can affect your mood by increasing or slowing your pulse rate as desired, much like listening to music can get you "up" or mellow you out. Sounds fantastic doesn't it? In the meantime... I'll just have anot

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