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December 21, 20161 min
RadioMD News... I'm John Byrd.There's been another important breakthrough in the battle to cure cancer. Scientists have for the very first time successfully taken cancer cells and re-programmed them back to normal. The new discovery could lead to new treatments and potentially even reverse tumor growth.A much more effective "universal" flu vaccine to protect against all strains of the virus could soon be a reality as well. By changing the approach used to create our immunity, the "super vaccine" might only need to be administered once and last your entire lifetime.And... autistic people might actually be more original and creative than others, found scientists. Because they see the world and therefore problems differently than most, they can exhibit superior creative talents in some areas. Long thought to be a disability rather than an advantage, the new findings challenge long-held beliefs about those with autistic traits. It's no surprise then why Einstein was so brilliant. He had a form of autism. For Radio

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