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December 28, 20161 min
RadioMD News... I'm John Byrd.Scientists have been able to grow a kidney in a lab setting and then have it function properly. A potential breakthrough for those with kidney failure, researchers believe they are one step closer to attempting a human transplant. Currently, patients undergo kidney dialysis, but there are limits to how long it can continue. Doctor misdiagnosis is a major medical issue, according to a new government report. Some 50-100,000 people die each year from preventable mistakes. The study urged greater transparency and sharing of information amongst members of the medical community.And... good news... sex does not increase your chances of having a heart attack. Previously thought to perhaps be a risk for those who have already had one or more heart attacks, the new study debunked that. Experts say it is important for doctors to reassure their patients that they need not be worried and should resume their usual sexual activity. As the saying goes... "Let's get busy!"For RadioMD News, this is

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