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January 4, 20171 min
RadioMD News... I'm John ByrdScientists have found a gene that makes common bacteria resistant to all antibiotics, which could pose a serious health risk if passed to other, more dangerous types of bacteria. Experts believe the bacteria developed resistance in pigs treated with antibiotics and then was passed to humans who consumed the animals. Light therapy has been discovered to potentially be useful in treating depression, a new study suggests. Long used to help improve mood in people with the "winter blues', the treatment has been found to be effective in easing overall depression when used in conjunction with antidepressants.And... can using Facebook be bad for you? Researchers have found that teens who exceeded 300 friends on the social media tended to have higher levels of stress than those who had fewer than 300 friends. Excessive stress levels as adolescents can often lead to depression. Teens who are big Facebook users tend to have narcissistic qualities and receive lower grades in school as well. It

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